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Santiago is an entrepreneur and sales professional who, together with his exceptional teams, aims to generate significant and positive impacts on the lives of those they encounter and work with.

A bit more about Santiago:

  • Santiago, originally from Colombia, embodies the quintessence of the American dream. Moving to the United States with aspirations of personal and professional growth, he has since not only realized but exceeded those aspirations. Santiago completed his Bachelor of Business Administration at Georgia Southern University, marking the beginning of an illustrious career in the tech and semiconductor industries. His tenure in Silicon Valley, bolstered by a green card sponsorship from a leading US company, allowed him to amass nearly a decade of experience, generating over $20 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for various companies. 

  • Not one to rest on his laurels, Santiago pursued further education, earning an MBA through a co-enrollment program between Stanford and Dominican University. This academic pursuit dovetailed with his entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the inception of Wise Meetings during a Stanford class on Technology Entrepreneurship. Wise, Santiago's brainchild, aims to revolutionize the Latin American tech ecosystem by bridging the gap between local companies and global technology providers.

  • Santiago's passion for impacting the Latin American region extends beyond technology. From founding a soccer academy at 14 in his neighborhood to partnering with over 200 universities through, Santiago has dedicated his career to democratizing access to education and technology in Latin America. Today, as the driving force behind Wise and its subsidiaries (Wise meetings Latam, Wise meetings IT, and Wise Sales), Santiago has successfully raised over $500k from investors, gained acceptance into some of the world’s most competitive accelerators like Cardinal Ventures, and joined the Stanford Incubator Venture Studio.

  • Beyond his professional achievements, Santiago remains connected to his roots through soccer, playing in a Stanford Sunday league and reflecting on his days in Colombia's third division. His journey from a young entrepreneur in Colombia to a tech innovator in the United States illustrates a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to societal advancement.

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