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Leadership Philosophy

Defining leadership is not an easy task. It has been defined multiple times by multiple people with great experience. My definition today might be different in the next two years. During my first Lead class, I defined leadership as: “Leadership is the characteristic or skill that helps to guide others towards a goal. This definition is because leadership can be seen in many different ways but what I find common between all different assumptions over the word is that is always towards a goal or is done wondering something to happen.”
Now I still believe that’s an accurate definition of leadership, but you also have to keep in mind factors such as privilege, intent vs impact, and others. Understanding what is the environment and context of the community in which you are trying to generate change or in which you have a goal set. I would say that being honest and centered on your values is the most important part here. Even if it is hard. There is that thin, line in which you do not want to fail at the task or goal you are trying to accomplish just because you are being too centered and not flexible. Find that balance between you and the context and then enjoy the ride!


Throughout, all my lead classes I’ve learned many different ways to approach leadership. Many different leadership styles, personality styles, types of organization, stages of leading an organization, etc. Basically, all you need to know about leading!
Now To make everything clear, leading is about doing your best to understand yourself and to understand others while trying to achieve a goal. I would say is a way in which you can not only approach leadership but even life. 
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My capacity to control and channel my emotions has been pretty awesome, to say the least. I'm usually able to channel whatever is going on in my life towards a positive change and self-improvement. I would still like to improve my immediate response to situations. It does take me a while to better understand how to react to situations and how to channel those emotions. I'll work on this trying to take a pause before a react and think about what I'm going to say. 

Intent vs impact 

Intent and impact are two different things that at the same time are so correlated. One without the other might be worth way less than it would be if they complement each other. Being realistic is important when planning. You may have a great intent but the impact is an important part too. Being honest with yourself and the people you are working around is what going to make this transition the best. Be honest on what is your intention and what impact you are trying to cause. Let them decide if they wanted it. 

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