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I Believe

I believe

We all are part of a pile of coincidences, the result of a thousand little things that change the big picture. We are a mixture of what life has decided to give us and what we have decided to do with it. We are the result of the books we read, the small things we do really enjoy, the travels we have made, and the people we love. All this makes what I believed about life, the values that I have, and how do I act every day.


After lots of ups and downs, I have found specific values to be the ones that rein my mind. Values such as loyalty, growth, and humility. Making reference to my ups and downs with details to explain why I have my values is not what I would like to do; Instead, I´m going to explain why I do firmly think and believe that we have to pursue and follow the values that have been made out of those personal experiences.

 After something important happens in your life, you start to reflect; how can I repeat those kinds of moments, or maybe how can I avoid them in order to be happy. As happiness would be the goal of life. Then is when you start to develop your values, which are made to follow your personal goal of being happy.

Then you start projecting those values you choose and you become your values. There will be times that will make you doubt. These doubtful moments will come, and you can not live in doubtfulness, you have to be yourself and stay true to your values in order to be happy. Just follow your values and then you have already archived your goal of happiness. 

Then go out there and share happiness with others. 

Personal Best

Giraldina cup

I did high school in a school called Gimnasio Los Caobos, a school where each year is celebrated the Giraldina cup, where all high school classes compete with each other in soccer matches for one full week. Playing even 3 or 4 matches per day. Usually one of the senior classes wins the tournament. Anyway, the thing was that in my class 80 percent of the people hadn’t played soccer in their lives.

I play soccer since I was 7 years old and I’m really competitive when it's time to play, so as you can imagine I was getting crazy about winning this cup. In this case, I and a couple of classmates took the lead in my class and encourage absolutely every classmate to start training with us for the cup 2 months before. We teach them all the basics of soccer as well as we could. Then in the tournament, we played as simple as we could, having a solid defense and a clear environment of teamwork and motivation, surprisingly for all the other classes we started to win every match and made our way through the final. No one could believe it! We end up winning the tournament! surprisingly our goals were from the ones who were supposed to be the least skillful players. It was amazing for me, almost as if we had won the soccer world cup. There were teams made up of people who just like me had played soccer their entire life but the difference was the motivation, teamwork, and ambition that we had.

Leadership Definition

Leadership Definition

Leadership is the characteristic or skill that helps to guide others towards a goal.

This definition because leadership can be seen in many different ways but what I find common between all different assumptions over the word is that is always towards a goal or is done wondering something to happen.

Model the way

  • Clarify Values

  • Set the example

Enable Others to Act

  • Foster Collaboration

  • Strengthen Others

Inpired a shared vision

  • Envision the Future

  • Enlist Others

Challenge the Process

  • Search for Opportunities

  • Experiment and Take Risks

Encourage the Heart

  • Recognize Contributions

  • Celebrate the Value and Victories



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