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Talent Themes

  1. Activator: this talent means I am that kind of person who starts a project and decides to take the risk and go for it. A self-motivated oriented person. I can see this one develop on my teams when I encourage everyone to start taking action and moving forward.

  1. Competition: this talent means that I literally love competition, I am that person that will race with you in the supermarket to see who gets to the line first. Not because is so Important to get there first but because is so exciting to compete. I transmit it when I am on teams. I encourage others not just to do things for themselves but to be better than others.

  1. Input: this means that I am willing to put in the necessary work to achieve a goal or objective. I consider my work ethic to be admirable and part of who I am. I can see this on teams when I try to be the hardest worker, to make sure I am doing whatever is possible to obtain the goals.

  1. Focus: this means that I get super concentrated on the task that I am working on at the moment, I will get so into the project that it might seem as if it is the only thing that I have going on. I can see this when I start a soccer tournament with my team or I start a sales internship, I get so into it that my friend normally asks me, can we talk about something else?

  1. Relator: this means I am good at communicating messages; I am able to transmit to others what I want to. People always say I am a good storyteller. I feel I have developed this talent rather than it being in my nature, I studied social skills for around 5 years already. I went to conferences, meetings, and workshops. I have read tons of books about it. I feel pretty confident when is time to communicate with others, especially strangers.

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Developing Strength 

Now you must be wondering how am I planning to transform those talents into strenghts. And even if you were not here it is how....

Startups: I am planning on getting as many professional experiences where I can develop my talents and skills and keep practicing them. The sales and tech industry let me grow in my top 5 almost always and that´s why I pursue those types of startups more than others.


Study Abroad: As founder and former CEO of SuccessWay, I firmly believe in the importance of studying abroad and how it develops us to our greatest potential. I live by a rule of visiting a new place every month and a new country every year.

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Building and Leading effective teams

Finally, during lead 2000 (class) we learned not just how to interact with our talents and develop them but how to interact with other people's talents and how to enable them to use them and furthermore develop them. The key to dealing with others inside teams is sharing a common vision toward something, if you can communicate your message and transmitted in a way people can share a vision with you. You can motivate them to do better and be better inside the team. 
Once you are done sharing your vision with your team you will go over some basic phases of a team such as forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning. I am not going to go in much details about these here but the way to deal with each phase is basically to understand that they are phases, stages inside the development of your team and they all come with perks and downsides. Knowing how to deal with each stage helps prevent the team to stay stuck in any of them. Using every team member strength during stages such as storming or norming is crucial for the development of the team and the outcome of it. 
During this class we got the chance to develop team projects with other classmates focusing not just on the final goal of the project but in making sure we developed each other strengths as much as we could during the project to ensure we learn how to do it. It was an enrichment experience in knowledge and great memories with my teammates.

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